Imaging Essence
South West Food & Drink Photography

About Imaging Essence —

Imaging Essence is the Gloucestershire based studio of Debbie Jones, Food & Drink Photographer

Accreditation —

BIPP Licentiateship
Adobe Certified Expert Lightroom


Who We Work With —

Pubs, Restaurants & Cafes
Farm Shops & Delis
Cookery Schools
Food Producers
Specialist Food Events



Principal photographer Debbie Jones is on a one-woman mission to stop chefs taking pics on an iPhone. She’s been fascinated by photography ever since receiving her first film SLR at 13 and has since gone on to become professionally accredited by the British Institute of Professional Photography. Her love of food coupled with her love of photography ensured that Debbie’s career path followed a natural progression. Frustrated at the sight of great food being let down by bad photography, she decided to do something about it.


Doro captures the art of life.
— Francesco Moschella


First though, she wanted to gain a better understanding of commercial cooking and trained as a chef with the sole intention of improving her food photography. Debbie often partners with food stylists, designers, marketing specialists and web gurus to help bring her clients’ ideas to life. While working with major brands over the years, Debbie has developed a knack for capturing the essence of a business with every shot she frames. The professional food photographer now crafts stunning imagery for caterers, pubs and restaurants, cookery schools and food producers.